Why Does Breast Size Increase After Marriage?

Have you ever thought about why breast size increases after marriage? Have you ever encountered a woman complaining about how to increase the size of her breasts after marriage and how she looks formless and deformed with the progress of her married life? While there are some factors that are beyond our control in terms of the biochemical and hormonal reactions of the body.

Most of the factors are largely under our control. Women become more informal about what they eat and neglect physical exercise, after marriage, which increases body weight and heavier breasts.

Why does breast size increase after marriage?

Breast enlargement after marriage is common. The breast is a tissue and grows in size according to total body changes. Marriage or non-marriage is not directly related to the size of the breasts. There are many misconceptions about the increase / decrease in breast size. Some misconceptions are that sucking and squeezing the breast leads to an increase in breast size, but this is not 100% true. Breast massage with some typical patterns can stimulate blood circulation in the breast area, but do not squeeze them.

1. Taking pills can increase breast size after marriage:

Many women begin taking oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy after marriage. Like any other medication, oral contraceptives also have a number of side effects. It is a common observation that women who take birth control pills experience a general increase in body weight and also an increase in breast size. Breast tissue is mainly composed of fat, so increasing weight also increases breast size.

Do the oral pills work?

  • Oral contraceptive pills contain a hormone called estrogen. The process of ovulation and menstruation is triggered by fluctuations in estrogen levels in the body. Oral contraceptive pills help maintain stable levels in the body.
  • The main cause of a disc that increases breast size is edema or fluid retention, as a common language calls it. You will soon notice a change in the size of your breasts once you start taking these pills. There may also be tingling or tenderness associated with the same, but these effects usually disappear once you stop taking the pills.
  • To be more concise and summarized, the size of the increase in breast size is likely to be after marriage, but it depends primarily on its shape and the type of birth control pill you choose.

Therefore, if it is the pill you want to take, be sure to consult your doctor first and let him choose the appropriate contraceptive method for your situation. There may be other possibilities, such as discovery, headache, weight change, mood swings, associated nausea regardless of the usual weight gain in the upper body.

Side effects of the pill to increase breast size:

The pills have now been modified to contain lower doses of hormones compared to conventional OCPS (oral contraceptive pills) that have relatively higher doses of estrogen. While not all women interact with OCPS through weight gain, some show some weight because different bodies of people interact with drugs in different ways. However, you cannot blame the pill alone.

In many cases, if a woman exercises properly, for example, an exercise of 30 to 40 minutes a day, for three or four days a week accompanied by a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, there will be no increase in weight. Obviously, you need to reduce fat and carbohydrates to some extent.

2. Pregnancy after marriage can lead to an increase in breast size:

Another crucial stage that a woman goes through after marriage is pregnancy. All the changes that occur after that are caused by high levels of hormones called estrogens and progesterone. These hormones stimulate the milk ducts and mammary glands in the breasts. After about 3 to 4 weeks of pregnancy, your breasts may begin to feel the texture. This tenderness can continue for the first three months. Breast tenderness may be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Around the sixth to the eighth week, after pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman lead to a gradual increase in breast size.

What happens to my breasts when I am pregnant?

  • During pregnancy, the bra size may increase by a few cups. This occurs due to increased blood flow and fat deposits in the breasts.
  • You will also notice skin tightening, stretch marks, the underlying veins that protrude and the area around the nipples becomes larger and darker. Along with all this, a thick yellow liquid called colostrum is produced, in the mother’s womb, in the last stages of pregnancy.

Wearing comfortable underwear and comfortable dresses should help you stay insecure when you change your body. Large bras help at this stage and, regardless of size, they also allow the breasts to breathe.

What else affects the size of my breasts?

  • There is something else that leads to breast enlargement after marriage. This is all the extra pressure that leads you to think. When you think, your hormones often tend to unbalance their potential and lead to weight gain and hair loss.
  • Among these changes there is a good increase in breast size. So, while you are still thinking about how to adapt to your new home, your environment and the people around you, your body is forcing in the wrong direction, since hormones make it difficult to dissolve fat in your digestive system. You will soon find yourself fattening and increasing fat in the breast muscles as well.
  • The best way to overcome this whole scenario is to make sure you exercise from time to time. Anyway, you should regulate your stress ratio to keep your health under control from the beginning, so that any sudden imbalance in your situation does not result in those extra pounds you have always feared.

But frequent sexual intercourse increases blood circulation and enlarges the breasts, but the second one returns to normal and the hormones move to their normal course, the body must return to normal.

Tips to increase breast size after marriage:

1. Exercises:

The best way to increase breast size is to exercise. Here are simple breast augmentation exercises that you can easily do at home. It is called wall press.

A) Wall press:

  • Stand in front of a wall with your palm flat against him at chest level.
  • Head towards the wall until you almost touch your face before pushing your body to its initial position.
  • Repeat 10-15 times every day.

2. Breast massage:

The next way to increase breast size is to massage it. They will form and form the breasts and at the same time increase blood flow and help release toxins. Here is how to do it.

  • Rub the breast with circular movements.
  • Make sure your hands move from the outside of the body to the center.
  • You can also use some cream or oil during the massage to reduce friction.

3. Food Supplements:

There are also some supplements that you can take to increase the size of your breasts.

  • Estrogen-rich foods One reason for breasts is the lack of estrogen-rich foods in your diet.
  • However, there are certain foods that can increase estrogen in your bodies, such as fenugreek seeds, soybeans, beans, chickpeas, dairy products and spices such as sage, pepper, oregano and ginger.
  • Include it daily in your diet and do not forget the resource that always benefits, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

4. Medical Supplements:

There are a variety of herbal supplements that you can take to naturally increase the size of your breasts. In addition to strengthening your busts, herbal creams and pills also promote overall health and well-being. Natural creams and pills to improve breasts are effective and can increase the size of your cup, provided you choose the right product.

5. Surgical methods:

Surgical methods provide faster results. Fat and silicone grafts are excellent for breast augmentation. The fat graft takes fat from anywhere else in your body and implants it in your breasts. Silicon, on the other hand, implants filled with salt water and silicone shells filled with sterile water.

A new lifestyle and diet can play an important role in increasing breast size after marriage. So, I wonder how we keep the breast shape after marriage. Well, there are many ways to preserve breasts and supplements, in the form of lotions and creams. They will generously help maintain the form without side effects. So, you see that “my biggest breasts after marriage” is a myth and I have no contact.

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