15 Bodybuilding Tips

If you are new to bodybuilding and want to improve your appearance, here are some useful tips that will help you a lot! You should not expect massive improvements overnight, but muscle mass will grow slowly over time. It is really important to be patient and complete your workouts and your diet, and the results will definitely come out!

1. Stick to free weights.

Although modern gyms are full of luxurious and bright machines, they will not help you build a solid muscle mass base. Weights and weights are better when it comes to building muscle, especially for beginners.

2. It is the complex of movements.

Although you may be tempted to try all the possible exercises you see in magazines or exercise websites, you must first follow the basic movements. Exercises such as squats, deadly lifting, bench press and military shoulder pressure should not lose your routine.

3. You have a program and you stick to it.

You can’t go to the gym and do what you feel at that moment. You need to have a strict routine and follow it closely. Ask a personal trainer or an advanced bodybuilder to provide you with a program that includes the exact exercises you need, the number of groups and the number of actors for each group. When you enter the gym, you need to know exactly what to do in that training session.

4. Do not exercise every day.

If the person who let you know what to do, then your routine should be 3 or 4 exercises per week. As a beginner, you no longer need training. Spend more days of the week at rest and recovery.

5. Train each muscle group every week.

Although many days in the gym will not help you grow, some exercises are not good either. You should do each muscle group at least once a week.

6. Learn the correct form for each exercise.

Although you may be tempted to know how much you can increase, you should start with fewer weights and determine the correct form for each exercise.

7. Gradually increase the weights.

After mastering the correct form in each exercise, you should start with weight gain periodically. Keep track of how much you lift in each exercise and gain weight slightly every two weeks. This will increase your strength and lead to muscle gains.

8. Be careful.

When you reach the point of using large weights, wear a seat belt to protect your lower back. You may not have back problems at this time, but you also don’t want to solve them in the future.

9. Eat lots of protein.

Protein is essential when it comes to building muscle and can be found in chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products and some nuts and vegetables. To get the most results, most experts recommend at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. If consuming enough protein daily becomes difficult, add protein as well.

10. Being in excess of calories.

To build muscle, you need to eat more calories than you burn. Use a calorie calculator to find out the BMR (basic metabolic rate) and adjust it according to your activity. If you have a stable job, you will need fewer calories and if you are very active, you will need more.

11. Eat more than many.

Eat 4-5 meals a day and eat every 3-4 hours. Avoid being hungry!

12. Avoid fast food.

It’s true that you want to gain some weight, but you want this weight to be muscle mass, not fat! Eat high quality foods such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and stay away from fast food and lots of sweets and fatty foods. The only time you should consume fast-absorbing carbohydrates (usually foods that contain a lot of sugar or white flour) is immediately after your workout. Read more about what to eat to get muscle in this article.

13. Eat fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the great nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), your body also needs micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). So be sure to consume lots of fruits and vegetables every day!

14. Rest and restore.

Your muscles do not grow when you exercise, but when you sleep. So make sure you get enough sleep every night (around 8-9 hours).

15. Act like an athlete.

Try to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking, alcohol and other unhealthy habits as much as possible.

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